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      8.72 € 8.72 EUR 8.72 €

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      Technical specifications

      1 unit purchased corresponds to 1 linear meter

      Composición: 96% organic cotton + 4% elastane

      Washed: Cold water of maximum of 30º

      Shrinkage: 8% maximum

      Origen of the fiber: Turkey

      Width: 100cm.

      Weight: 180grs m2

      Certification: OCCGuarantee® and GOTS

      Uses and applications

      Mid-weight knit fabric.

      Soft touch and with fall.

      Applications: casual and sport clothing.

      Washing recommendations

      How you wash the fabrics and how often you do it, affects their useful life as well as the impact they have on the environment. We recommend a machine wash at a low temperature and with natural detergents.

      The use of chemical bleaches, detergents and fabric softeners can alter the quality and purity of the cotton fiber. Keep the fabric pure, just as you purchased it.

      Washing at maximum 30º
      Avoid using bleach in the wash
      Does not support dry cleaning
      Dry at low temperature
      Iron at half temperature

      What does it mean that cotton is naturally colorful?

      Our fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton in the colors that come from the seed; ecru, green and brown. We do not apply chemical fixatives to fabrics that isolate them from natural agents. So the cotton is alive in the fabric. When we wash it, when we expose it to the sun, ... all these factors directly affect the color of the fiber.

      Natural colors in contact with water change, becoming darker. This phenomenon is more visible in green and brown, but also in crude oil.

      In contact with light, they can be noticeably lightened. When hanging clothes, we recommend that you do it in a place where the garment is not directly exposed to the sun.

      Do you want to know the impact of this fabric?

      Thanks to the study carried out by Bcome Conscious, we have accurate information about the impacts that this fabric has generated. Scan the QR code to find out more.